Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11

Things are going okay up here.  This may be my last transfer in Meridian.  I don't even need a map anymore.  CRAZY!!!  And it's about a third of the whole city!  Okay, maybe a quarter.  I got a new investigator last week!  Charmaine.  Her daughter and son in law are members and she wants to come to church.  Doing service for her tomorrow.  She's 60ish and has health problems including FibroMyalga.  However you spell that. 

Is it possible to get sick through the mail?  I kind of got what Emily got.  Not nearly as high (101.8) but my head was exploding, sore throat, fever and super nauseous.  Had a blessing last night so I am doing 85% better.  Anyways... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!  Today is our day off and we had dinner with a chiropractor in one of our wards last night and he's going to work on me today for my headaches.  Also going back to the doctor tomorrow to try a different prescription.  One I am hopefully not allergic to. 

Blake's baptism has the final date of March 30th.  He finished the lessons and has his interview on Thursday.  I also REALLY want to get Dillian and Tyson baptised.  They are 10 and 12 maybe?  Their crazy story:  Grandma and Grandpa live in one of our wards.  Their daughter and the daughter's two kids (Dillian and Tyson) also lived with them.  The two kids had baptismal dates for before I came here and pushed it out to October, then November.  Well in the meantime, The daughter moves in with her boyfriend in Boise taking the two kids with her.  The only reason the baptismal date kept being moved back was they were waiting for the grandpa to be worthy to baptize them.  Still not happening.  Last week the two boys and their mom were in town so we went to see them and the adults wouldn't see us because they had family in town.

Well now they are back in Boise and the grandparents claim that they are going to be going to church and work with the ward there.  Past record claims otherwise.  So frusterated!  They shouldn't be living in that environment without the Holy Ghost!

It's raining today and not snowing so that is a good sign.  It's a little warmer but may snow again this week.  We shall see...


Sister Nettles

Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4

My Favorite Sickies:

Last week was interesting.  So our baptism that was scheduled for last Saturday didn't happen.  Waiting for his dad to be in town.  March 30th.  But we did have a triple baptism!  The three Samoan kids finally got to be baptized.  The elders had taken back over but we still got to go.  The mom is still holding out but she really likes me so we will go back for her.  She's being softened up.  After the baptism the mom and dad both bore their testimonies.  So good!  And the kids had those nut lays.  So funny, when the 16 year old son came up out of the water he said "Hallelujah" because he has been waiting for this for so long.  He's even been wanting to serve a mission.  

So the mom of the kid (Blake) who was supposed to be baptized 2 days ago is extremely Pentecostal.  She may take a while before she is ready for the full gospel.  She was telling us of her exploits on an exorcism salvation team with her church a few years ago.  She can discern the spirits that posses people like the spirit of fear or perverseness.  Then they do the laying on of hands and call it out.  They get twitchy and the whole shebang.  Sounds like an episode of Supernatural.  Crazy stuff.  It's so funny, she rebukes the fireplace when it doesn't come on.  I think that the definition of taking the Lord's name in vain.  Anyways, we also picked up a Cooper for our new investigator.  So hard because she only has 5 minutes at a time for a visits and she REALLY needs the gospel.  She's in a downhill spiral. Needs lots of member fellowshipping.  It's pretty cool how my new companion Sister Davenport worked on a psychiatric floor in a hospital for 3 years so she has some insights into this stuff.  The logistics of God at work again.  

I would love a Sari, but alas I could not wear it.  :(  Hope you all get healthier and stay that way for at least a month!!!


Sista Nets