Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 12

Dearest Family,
I love you all!  Sister Eppel and I are doing a weight loss program the mission doctor gave out to all the missionaries.  I've lost 6 pounds in 5 days.  Yay!  You go up many flights as possible in 30 minutes.  This morning I did 90.  Yay!  My best last week was 75.  It's a flight of 14 stairs in the house we live in.  Up and down=1.  Fun stuff.  My legs aren't getting sore anymore.  It was my ribs and abs this time.  They might be in there somewhere!  Sister Eppel and I still get along great.  She's not really a trainee, more like just another companion, which is nice.  We played dart wars today.  lots of running up and down stairs.  Sister Eppel and I weren't even phased! 
We had a baptism this last weekend.  Patty finally got baptized.  Her directions are as good as mine.  She kept getting lost trying to find the church buildings.  She would leave 40 minutes early to get there by herself (it should only take 10 at the most) and still has to call us up late because she is lost.  Love her though.  :)
The 24th we have a double baptism coming up.  The mom and son.  The dad is less active because he has to work on Sundays but he is quitting smoking!  The other two kids are 7 and 5.  Good family called the Scotts.  They don't have many friends in the area so they are getting a few from the ward now.  Horray! 
The 31st baptism will be a kid named Kendal who's 19.  Graduated from seminary and knows all the answers.  Really fun to teach.  He's half way done with the lessons. 
We got a couple new investigators this week.  The teachers quorum for one of our ward has 2 kids that are not members and 2 kids that are just coming back.  We got to teach the whole quorum last night.  They are all supporting each other so it's really cool to watch.  There were about 6 boys, 2 leaders and a leaders wife there. 
We get to work at the fair this week!  There is a booth for the missionaries and our zone will take turns manning it.  Going to get tan! 
I hope you all start to feel better soon. 
Sister Nettles

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