Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug 26

Hello once again!

So, in my new digs there are stairs I am privileged to go up and down in the mornings.  The member is a widow in her 80s.  Pretty nice.  We drive a chevy cruise.  :)  My first non-corolla.  The members are not scaring away our investigators because we don't really have any investigators in our area.  A few progressing investigators in the Elder's area.  :)  We were special requested!  We get a lot of referals but they are already members who are less active so they don't count for any of our numbers.  We try to contact them but only about one to three person answers the door through out the day and either say "no way whan-B" or "try again later."  It's all good though.  We are going to explode the area.  

Bananas ~ Sister Denkers...  She wanted me to type that...

Anyways.  I love you all!  Family History is awesome!  I love it!  So I have 4 names reserved for me but I can't get baptized for them so Lily Sorenson, the 13 year old girl we baptized in Rupert is doing the baptism and confirmation for me, then I can do the rest.  I've been working on Mom's Mom's line.  :) 
Laura the Extraordinaire Family Historian Nettles

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