Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept 2

You guys are awesome.  Your email made me laugh tons.  :)  We got miles today!   The Jerome sisters were kicked out of their house for a week and a half because the lady we live with was having a family reunion and did not want missionaries there so they were living in Twin Falls and had to commute every day.  An extra 30 or more miles a day so we were really low.  Walked about 12 miles last week and still went over a little, but President Curtis said it would be okay. 
Crossfit is  crazy but it works.  Maybe if you do it for 5 years you can beat Dad once, then Dad will start doing it and you will never win again Spencer.  Dundundunnnnn... 
So we have 5 progressing investigators who want to get baptized who are technically not in our area.  And one investigator the spanish sisters passed on to us that we have still never met.  She keeps cancelling.  No one in Jerome answers their door (well maybe two in a day) so we are using the avenue of the phone now.  We called every less active in our three wards and about 5 answered their phones and two of those said not interested.  But we got one appointment and two "call again laters."  Progress!  We also have housing inspection on Tuesday.  Fun times.  Also, Kendal back in Rupert got baptised!  Yay!  I got to teach him all but the last lesson.  So proud of Sister Eppel, training at 9 weeks and baptizing our investigators.  :)  
Love you all, and the letters from Emily (*cough* I mean Limy *cough*) were hilarious.  You are all the best.  Hope the 21 Day Challenge goes well for you and you don't have to keep restarting like Sister Eppel did because she forgot to pray every once and a while.  :) 
Sister Nettles

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