Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 9

Hello my wonderful family!
We got a new investigator named Timberly this week!  She grew up going to YW activities so she has a little bit of background.  :)  Going to teach her on Tuesday.  We got two baptismal dates set last week!  One for September 21st and the 28th.  Marcy and Sarah.  Marcy is a mom with 3 little kids and an alcoholic husband.  She knows the Book of Mormon is real and really wants the gift of the Holy Ghost.  She's even finished all the lessons.  Just needs to take the next step.  :)  Sarah is Hispanic and her son Jose (10 years old) is taking the lessons with her but only she will commit to a date.  They both went to church!!!  :D  Miracle! 
The work is really slow but it feels like it is going to be picking up really soon.  All five of our progressing investigators (Including Marcy and Sarah) are not in our area.  :O  They requested sisters so we got to teach them.  :)  But we will be getting three investigators who want to be baptized that the Elders were teaching in our area.  (They didn't know because it's across the street from their area and their teaching records were in their area book...  Give and take, we teach in their area and they teach in ours.)  Chole, Treyson and Dakota.  Hopefully we get to meet them soon. 
What really helps getting into family history is if you go to the family history center and have someone walk you through Family Tree.  It's really easy and helps you not get really frustrated.  President Cannon had us all get trained in it for a district meeting a few transfers ago.  Then you can do it by yourself from home after that.  Are you going to do the sealings I sent you?  I can't do them because missionaries can't be sealed as a spouse, only as children.  Weird eh?  And I think most of them are guys.  Another slight complication. 
Sister Nettles
P.S. Mom, your letter is almost done!  :)

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