Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3

Hello over there!

Things are going pretty well.  Been super tired but pulling though.  Had a massive headache yesterday but it is gone this morning.  Yay!  Does the backyard look like a tornado went though?  Our room will when I have to go through everything and pack.  Anyways, miracles are happening all over.  We had a few of them yesterday.  

1. A kid came to church all by himself.  He had his brother drop him off from Holister, ID all the way to Filer because he "knew it was right."
2. The Elders in Jerome knocked on this old guys door at 9pm Saturday night.  He wasn't interested but needed help moving his neighbor (a single lady) down to Filer by 2pm the next day.  They called the Elders down here who called us.  She's ours now!  Wahahaha!!!!
3. In 20 minutes we had 10 men and some of their families help move someone in on Sunday afternoon.  
4. The lady we helped move in felt the spirit as we moved her in and the ward mission leader dedicated her home.  
5. An investigator we have been trying to meet with for the past month showed up for the move even though it was in the other ward we cover and no one invited him!  His ex-wife was the lady's friend.  
6. A woman we have been teaching wants to be baptized but is scared what her parents will say.  He husband bore his testimony and was crying through the prayer.  It will happen.  :)

Life is good.  I may have to sleep for a long time when I get home BTWs.  :)  And I got some SUPER AWESOME stamps!!!  You shall see!  I just watched a really good Mormon Message called Bullying: Stop It.  Anyways, that's what I get to watch while my companion takes 2 hours to email.  We get to go to Mongolian Grill called Genghis Khan for lunch today.  The sign has been saying Coming Soon since I got to this side of the mission a year ago.  It finally opened last week.  Another miracle!!!!  :O

Sister Nettles

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