Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24

A Voice From the Dust (*cough*cough*)

I love you all.  Things are going CRAZY fast.  My MTC companion is now home.  She was still in the Boise Mission so they are on the original schedule.  O.o  Why am I so old?  Doing crazy things this last month.  I am going to make a dirt angel and ride in a horse and buggy.  I jumped on a trampoline today!  In the Farnsworth's front yard.  Made me happy.  We did three exchanges last week.  I was in Mountain Home, Jerome and back in Filer.  Good times.  They are like legal sleepovers. But we do get A LOT done, including 2 hours of paper work.  I felt like Hawkeye making Roy Mustang do it.  Good times.  The mission is flying by.  I have 24 days left.  On Wednesday I will officially be 17 months.  What is this madness?  I think we might have one more baptism before I go home.  HOPEFULLY!!!!!  There are a lot of people that are ready aside from still trying to quit smoking or finish their probation.  They even asked if they could pay tithing before they were baptized.  :O  Who normally asks that?  Prepared people that's who.  I get to drive the 12-seater transfer van this week!  Going to be exciting.  Sister Dodds is going to take lots of pictures and I am going to drive like a granny.  She is going to LOVE having to back that sucker up.  

I keep seeing Sam's name pop up in the Area Books: Meridian, Jerome, Filer, everywhere!  I think I really did just steal his mission out from under him.  :)  Life is good and flying like a squirrel.  Just to warn you I am going to sleep a long time when I get home.  Aint no rest for the wicked...  Hope you are all still alive and well.  

Sister Nettles

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