Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 18

Dearest Family etc...

I love you all!  Things are going great.  We have 18 progressing investigators and 3 of them have baptismal dates.  So much work to do!  We are starting our crazy exchange schedule today.  It is going to be fun!  3 back to back to back this week, one next week, three back to back to back the week after and the last week of them just 2 back to back.  Yay!  No sleep~!!!  I may sleep for the first three days I'm home.  Just warning you...  There has been lots of snow and rain the past two weeks.  People have been fasting for it.  Apparently fasting works.  Who knew eh?  Fasting also got 10 investigators to church this Sunday.  Yay!  Our schedules are jam packed and we are working on a lot of goals including eating healthy and loosing weight.  This will be an intense last transfer.  Thank you for the Canadian goodness!  Only have a flakie left.  And one box of Smarties.  Sooo good.  Now that the temptation is gone I can be good again!  Hope all is doing well and Emily gets better.  She has a letter coming!  =:O  Also, I had to buy a carry-on because I did not come out with one.  It's charged to the credit card just so you know.  ($70)  :)  It's supper useful for exchanges that are more than one night.  Trying to de-junk a little as well but I need that last bag.  Life is good over here and starting to explode.  With AWESOMENESS!!!  Have to go to District Meeting now, then drive to Mountain Home 1.5 hours away for the first exchange.  Road Trip!!!!!

Love you all,
Sister Nettles

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