Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 10

Hello yet again!

My new area is awesome!  Covering two wards in Filer where the members love us and we have lots of people to teach.  Still need to go through the dregs of the suitcases so I can put them away and make room for exchanges.  My companion Sister Dodds is so much fun.  Even though she makes me get up at 5:45 everyday except Sunday to drive to the church and run/exercise in the mornings.  SO TIRED!!!!!  We cover the sisters in Jerome and Mountain Home.  The farthest ones away.  Goodie for miles.  No problems so far but the transfer is just starting out...  

Cool stuff from this week.  It was snowing so we had to go take pictures in the snow.  This poor lady ate it trying to get into a building so we helped her.  We got to go shovel her walks and invite her to learn.  She said no.  Sad day.  We have an investigator we are teaching who wanted to do something nice for someone!  She works at a kids clothing store.  There is another family we are teaching who has 4 little girls who really need clothes.  She goes though her own little girls' clothes and buys some other new clothes to give to this family: 2 bags worth.  They all fit perfectly even though we didn't tell her exact sizes.  Even the shoes! Miracle.  Also, we had a church tour for this new family that just moved in with the Curry family.  The Barkel's (new move-ins) and the Currys (non-members) are all investigating.  When we were on the church tour we were describing YW's and the Plan of Salvation that was on the wall in the primary room and we could all feel the spirit really strong.  Then a member mom pops in because she and her family were playing basketball in the gym and asks if the investigators have any teenage kids.  The have a 16yr old girl named Jaden.  They called Jaden up and invited her to the Stake Dance.  Jaden has had a rough life and dropped out of High School last month because of the kids, but last week moved here to Idaho.  Because of the dance and going to church with the youth she is now going to enroll in High School again!  YAY!!!!  :D  Miracles abound.  

This week we have one exchange with other Sister Training Leaders.  It's a new thing so it should be fun and we will be happy guinea pigs.  :)  Next week is when the exchange madness commences.  There will normally be one of us and another sister in our area except the first Mountain Home exchange because it's so far away.  Fun stuff: I will be driving the 12 seater transfer van.  We will drive up the night before, spent the night up there.  In the morning we will pick up 5 sets of missionaries and bring them down to Twin for a meeting.  That evening drive them all back and do a double exchange since we will both be up there.  Then then next day drive the van back.  :)  There are going to be some interesting pictures.  

We have had snow and rain all last week.  Today is clear.  Hopefully we will get more this week and then be good when I have to do the driving.  Be good out there in the real world!!!

Sister Nettles

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