Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13

Dear Beloved Family:
I love you all!  The mission office said they have my packages this morning so at least they are in Idaho.  We set another baptismal date last night with a 20 year old named Justin.  May 25th!  So much work out here it is crazy.  A lot of people keep getting sick though so we don't have to double us lessons tonight.  I'm exercising now!  :O  Watch out Spencer.  The guy missionaries that were here before us left 20 lb weights.  Oh yeah!  :P  I love you guys tons.  Loved seeing ya yesterday.  Hope you all do well 'till Christmas.  We have another set of Sister Missionaries in my zone that we can see once a week!  Sister Lee from Korea and Sister Hughes (yes Emily, there is a Sister Hughes and Armstrong in the mission...)  from Las Vegas.  Yay!  Well, you all have fun in the California weather.  It's 80s here today but may snow again before July.  We shall see.  Fickle. 
Sister Old Laura Nettles

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