Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6

I just went to Deseret Book!  Had to drive all the way to Twin Falls to do it.  Also got BYU ice-cream there as an early birthday present.  Worth the 45 miles each way because we also get to say bye to the sisters leaving and hi to the ones coming in.  It's transfers today and I'm staying in Rupert with Sister King.  We have 3 new investigators this week!!!  Our two baptism for May 18th have canceled.  Their grandma died last week so they said it's bad timing.  Arg...  :\  They are still getting interviewed on Friday but the girl still needs to come to church again before she can be baptized and keep coming afterwards.  Frustrating.  Anyways... I'm old.  The wrinkle ray is not being kind.  (Thank's Spencer for telling it where I went and sending it over...)  Sister King and I are both healthy so that's a miracle.  

Last week there was a Sister Conference.  We went all the way to Boise (2 hours).  Super good.  Missing all the sisters already!!!!!!  It's terrible.  Love them all.  I miss civilization.  I don't think I could live in a tiny town.  Well, I love you guys!!!!!!!

Sister Old

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