Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20

I LOVE THE SHIRT!!!!!!!  A LOT!!!!!  The cards are so cool.  I  wish the other sister missionary who is obsessed with Star Wars was still on her mission so I could show her.  She finished May 8th.  :(  I can wear shirt on the hike today.  A member is taking us to Shoshone Falls and the canyon.  Yay!  I'll be outside!  My arms are slightly tan and my legs are pasty white so it's funny when I stick them next to each other.  It was 95 degrees 3 days ago.  So nice!  Then it went back down to the 50/60s with super wind so it's been cold again.  Keeps raining too. 
The work is exploding in Rupert too!  We now have 15 investigators with 2 more we have been trying to visit for 2 weeks.  We have a baptism this weekend, the weekend after that, and two the weekend after that so far.  :O  Pretty good eh?  We had 11 lessons this past week with members helping us teach the investigators.  (We had 12 scheduled but the last one last night fell through...  :(  )  We have a training meeting tomorrow and Wednesday.  We'll see what they teach us.  We had Zone Conference last week and celebrated 15ish missionary's birthdays that fall between last week and our next conference in 2 months.  I got darkside skittles!!!!! Heck yes!!! 
Not many strawberries lately, but a really good vanilla sheet cake with chocolate frosting.  Headaches are good, been wearing my sunglasses a lot to prevent them.  Miss the other sisters still but not too bad.  That shampoo works great if I could get some more please.  :)  And powder blush and foundation.  I'm pretty much out.  :(  Rachel sent me face moisturizer sunscreen stuff back in the MTC so I'm good still.  Thanks Rachel!!!  She is also keeping a list of movies to see when I get back.  Sherlock playes bad guys now?!  He seems like he could be scary good at that. 
The only camp craft I have kept still is the box I made for notes people write you.  You decorate it and put it on your bed.  Throughout the day people write notes, sometimes anonymous and put them in there for ya.  I was weird though and spent a couple hours decorating mine.  It's the snozberry one up in the attic.  The other memorable thing from camp is the barbie traps set up around the camp.  It was Ken and Barbie posed in questionable sinarios with a box proped up with a stick over them.  You were supposed to avoid those traps in your life.  Really funny and the poses kept changing over the couple of days.  Anyways...  Have fun with camp!  I love you all.  You da best. 
Sister Nettles

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