Monday, June 3, 2013

May 28

Libraries were closed yesterday so here we go...
Baptism went well on Saturday.  My second one in Rupert.  Have another one this Saturday and 2 more the Saturday after that.  We are teaching 17 people right now.  I wrote you a letter yesterday so hopefully you will get it.  There's no bug in the ear in the new Star Trek?  I love it already!  Yay!  They listened to my childhood nightmares.  Anyways.  A lot of our investigators are going through hard times and busy schedules so it's hard to meet with them now.  One new investigator we found last week  because we were driving down a street and my arms got tingly.  'There's someone here ready for the gospel...'  We stopped and I narrowed it down between 2 houses by staring at them all.  The first one no one was home, the second one was a success!!!  I think my arms have some sort of radar.  It's weird but it worked.  Yay!!!  The guy's name is David who grew up Jehovah Witness but had Mormon friends.  Gave him a Book of Mormon and everything. 

Daughter Dearest

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