Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10

Hello again! 

Life is pretty good.  Had the double baptism this weekend and it went well.  Did Emily get her birthday card?  I can only buy things and write letters on Monday and I wasn't thinking far again enough and got the card just a couple days before and missed the mail so it didn't get out of our mailbox until Tuesday.  Lame sauce, but at least it got sent right!?  Things are crazy over here.  Been teaching 24 lessons a week for the past three or four weeks.  Keep finding new people to teach and loosing our investigators to baptism.  Good problem to have.  It is finally warm and I went and got 2 summer skirts from the DI, another white shirt and a backpack for $10!  And their cute!  Amazing.  Went to the chiropractor this morning.  He's a member so he worked on us for free.  Yay!  Going to Twin Falls this afternoon for last P-day before the transfer before the mission split.  We are doing sports and BBQing!!!  Should be good.  Being a lot healthier.  I used to take apple cider vinegar for my ulcers and I have a few left I can take.  Been saving them for if my stomach acts up again.  Headaches are better still.  Got my hair stuff.  Thanks!!!

Mom, are you hand making journals for the girls?  If so you are COMPLETELY spoiling them.  I want to go!!!  Sounds like the best camp ever.  Hope everything is going well.  My camera is dead and I can't find the charger chord.  Havn't been able to find it since I got transfered to Rupert.  Need to get another one somehow.  Hope you all enjoy your summer off.  

Sister LMNOP

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