Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 24

Greetings in Return from Fickle Weather Idaho!

It's been mostly warm here lately so it's nice now.  I have a stalker Elder!  So there was this Elder Butler who went to Carlsbad High School and worked the temple shift after me, was in my MTC district and them in Meridian in my district for 6 months.  Now he's in my district again over here in Rupert.  Crazy!  What have I done?  JK.  He's pretty good at missionary work.  

I am the only one left from our district last transfer.  All other areas were shotgunned and I'm training.  The Burley Zone used to be one of the best in the mission before I got into the mission field then it became one of the worst.  When Sister King and I shotgunned the Rupert West stake it started to change.  Now the rest is too so things should be looking up.  

The Work of Salvation broadcast was amazing.  We sat next to a lady who's son was in the MTC choir.  We were crying together.  Why do I cry so easily!?!?!?... (during the musical numbers)  During the meeting we got a text from someone who wants to work with us and afterwards we got 3 investigators and a house to teach one of them in!  Hopefully we will get iPads soon.  It is not fun continually having to reprint ward directories and specialized lists.  Also, we wouldn't have to wait for Mormon Messages and the Bible Videos to make it to DVD them have to buy them to show in lessons.  We could also show people to to submit referrals and so forth.  We have already tried to give church tours before, but the investigators would never show.  :( That may change soon!  

Sister Eppel is doing amazing.  She even started the lesson last night!  It was the lesson with the guy from South Africa so they had lots in common.  She was born in Zimbabwe, lived in Johanasburg for 10 years and just moved down to Durban in South Africa.  So funny, we have lots in common.  We both love Doctor Who, Harry Potter and quite a few other things.  She sound's like Amy Pond.  It's awesome!!!  Thank goodness I watched British television so I know what she's talking about sometimes.  And she says "zed!"  I am falling apart slightly less now.  We have a phone again but are starting from scratch with the contact list (up to 52 contacts now).  We had tacos made from a guy actually from Mexico last night.  SO GOOD!!!!!  It was Sister Eppel's first time having Mexican food so it's a good start.  It has been the first real Mexican food I've had on my mission so far.  The rest was cooked by white Idahoans.  Oh well, I got my fix.  

One of our investigators is finally softening.  It has taken about two months.  She got a Priesthood blessing yesterday so we will go see how she's doing later this week.  It's interesting.  She doesn't make promises, not even to God.  She hates the feeling of breaking promises so she just doesn't promise anything.  She said she would try really hard to read and pray about the Book of Mormon this week.  We shall see...  

The work is good.  The companion is good.  The changes are going to be crazy.  3 missions instead of 1, age change, tons more coming to train, hopefully incoming technology, and new mission president rules.  :D  Little bit hectic.  Our area is on fire!  We got one more investigator last week and two, maybe three this week.  Hopefully more!  

Love you all,
Sister Nettles

P.S.  My favorite color is purple and my quest is to baptize Idaho.  :)

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