Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 1

Hello over there!

It's so hot here!!!  The parking lot was literally melting at the grocery store.  I still have re-hardened tar on the bottom of my shoes.  It's officially the Twin Falls mission today!  You guys are amazing.  We are teaching 15 and two people have baptismal dates.  Also picking up at least 1 more investigator.  A few of the people we are now working with are apparently less active, not investigators.  Only had 6 at church yesterday and a less active family but we are working on it.  Here are our investigators:

Reusos:  A married couple, the wife is now getting rebaptized.  The hubby is from South Africa and is still reading and praying to know.  And is quitting smoking.  

Scotts:  Husband is less active.  We are teaching the wife and oldest son who is 14.  The other kids are under 8.  They all came to church except the dad who has to work on Sundays until he finds a new job.  The wife was 7th Day Adventist and super nice.  The kid has a Mohawk.  

Payton: Loves zombies and is 9.  Dad is less active and the parents are separated.  Knows why we have the Book of Mormon!  Not much gospel background yet.

Patty:  Baptismal date is July27!  Doing half the last lesson this week.  Is finally divorced and is getting back in contact with the LDS side of her family after 15 years.  Is 54 years old.

Angelee and Barbara:  Angelee is 14 and wants to get baptized.  Barbara is the one that is nice but has issues.  Said she would read this week then we go back and she says she has "no interest in being LDS."  Has a lot of anti influence.  

The Payton Family:  Wife is baptist and went on a service mission to Alaska.  Husband is coming back into activity.  Only child is a girl named Edie (E-Dee)  who's 8.  They love legos, Star Wars, Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, and all things good in the world.  Yesterday the wife said her goals are to go to the temple and be a better wife and mother.  Lessons start on Tuesday!

Meradith:  She is quitting smoking and waiting for the lessons until her boyfriend moves in so they can take them together.  Also trying to file her divorce papers.  She was married to a guy who after 3 years went pagan so they separated and haven't seen each other in 4 years. This shall be interesting.  We told her they have to get married before we leave the area so they can get baptized.  Fingers crossed.

Lori: From Washington DC with an accent.  On lesson 3 today.  Also needs to get married to her non-member fiance of 4 years.  She knows it and you can tell she knows what she needs to do.  Her scriptures are as marked as the average member and she has tons of questions.  Yay!

Stan: Famous accordion player from a New Mexico mariachi band.  Says he won't read the Book of Mormon and pray...  Really nice though.  Kind of stuck for now. 

Kim: Old Japanese lady who thinks the prophet is too old, we are too young and population control is the answer.  Really lonely and politically opinionated.  She did the read the restoration pamphlet we left and had a question about it though!

Bierman:  He is now living with a girlfriend so he's avoiding the church because he knows it's wrong.  His kids got baptized last summer.  Really nice when he agreed to the lessons, but now in hiding.  

Vanessa:  Had a baby, Neveah (heaven backwards)  and just married to her less active boyfriend.  Now the house got sold out from under them so we don't know where they are living now.  It was a haunted, ex-druggy house anyways, but still!  She and her husband have 4 kids between them I think.  

Less Actives:
O'Dells: A couple in their 50s who still go to the bars every night and do karaoke.  Husband got baptized in December and still only believes in Heaven and Hell.  Interesting bunch.  

Ochoa:  The husband calls himself a "Blacksican."  He's Hispanic but turns dark when working out in the sun.  Hilarious.  Wife is less-active.  Doing another new member lesson this week on the commandments. 

Amy: We are now doing family home evenings with her and her little girls on Mondays.  

Pattersons: another recent convert gone less active husband and an inactive wife.  They feed us dinner every Monday.  He is our font filler and goes the extra mile with his calling, just can't get to church most Sundays.  

Anyways...  It's a lot of people.  Hope you are all doing well and the house unexplodes itself.  :)  Love you all!!!

Sister Nettles

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