Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22

Things are interesting in Rupert.  So we are teaching tons of people.  Got three new ones this past week but two others moved out so we should be at 17 by the end of the week with the two other new ones we already have scheduled.  Yaya!  We also finally got to go to our first ward council in this area.  We are now not banned from two of them.  So some slow progress.  Also, since I've been here I've seen 6 investigators offended by members (telling them they will go to the "naughty place" because they drink coffee and have tattoos in front of the investigators own kid)  and not want to go back.  It's really hard to see.  The bishop will usually pull the offender aside and talk to them but the damage is still done.  Sad times. 
We were supposed to have 3 people be baptized this weekend but it's not going to happen for another couple of weeks.  It's okay, it'll work out in the end.  :)  My memory is having some problems but that is what a companion is for.  She's keeping me on track and going to the right places so things are still working out.  I'm still not getting lost!  Amazing.  It might be caused from stress these members and the investigators issues are giving me.
Looking forward to the reenactment of the drunken Emily.  :)  Hopefully there will be some caramel popcorn available for the performance.  (hint, hint)  I hit 10 months this week!  Insanity.  I love you all. 
Sister Nettles

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