Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8


Things are going well in Rupert West.  It even cooled down to the 70s for a day!  We are having some problems though with people not progressing.  They come to church once, then miss for the next 3 weeks.  They do have baptismal dates, but are out of town so they aren't getting taught for a week and missed church.  It happens, but it's still sad.   

Sister Eppel is doing amazing.  (It's her birthday today!)  She is pulling though everything getting thrown at us.  We even had to drop an investigator.  (Barbra)  She had not kept a single commitment except to meet every week for the past 3 months.  She and the grandma also would not allow us to teach the plan of salvation past earth life.  That was the most emotional lesson.  The grandma got up and left the trailer and Barbra went out after her to see if she was okay.  Sister King was in tears and I'm still confused why they won't even listen to some one else's beliefs.  On Friday, Sister Eppel and I prayed abut what the Lord wanted us to do, and He said to drop her.  Get a baptismal date for the daughter (Angelee) but drop the mother.  The daughter will be baptized June 2017, after she is 18.  Angelee is still going to church and young women's camp so she still has interaction and fellowship.  The spirit was so strong during that final lesson, my insides felt like they were on fire and I could feel the Lord's support.  It was a little difficult, but it was the right thing.  (And I did not have heart burn...)  

We taught Sister Payton and are going back on Tuesday.  She says she's saved and been baptized but she wants to learn about our church and go to the temple with her family.  We'll get there.  Payton, the 9 year old boy who likes zombies was not there for the lesson last night, or the rest of his family.  The ward fellowshipper talked to them at church and they said they would be there after they went to the horse races...  missed it by that much.  

We got transfer calls and we are both staying for another six weeks.  That will put me at 5 months in Rupert.  Crazy eh?  Already been out in the boonies for 3.5 months!  Over half way done...

Sister Nettles

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