Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29

So this week we had a follow up meeting for the new missionaries and their trainers.  Checking to see if I'm teaching false doctrine.  Well, I didn't get fired so hopefully that's a good sign.  It was all day in Twin Falls on Wednesday.  I finally got to see the new mission office!  We have 6 new sisters coming in 3 weeks and every sister out right now is already training.  The two that are going home were already training two at once.  Insanity! 
We finally got to start teaching Kendal Carter this past week.  He graduated from seminary and has had the discussions three times already.  He's now over 18 and ready to be baptized.  He accepted the baptismal invitation, now we just have to set the date.  Also starting to teach the Crist family.  The wife is already a member but the husband is not.  They just got married 3 weeks ago so now he has a chance of getting baptized.  Their neighbor had asked them "So when are you going to stop living in sin?"  So they got hitched in their backyard.  Nice, eh?  Now the missionaries swoop in like vultures.  :)  The Scotts are keeping the word of wisdom!!!!  YAY!!!  Getting closer to their baptisms. 
We got to go to a ward party out in Raft River because we had a ride from a recent convert/ less active family.  Win win.  It was supposed to be pulled pork and baked beans but the restaurant lost their order so they scrambled and did hamburgers and hot dogs.  Not too shabby.  Today an investigator and her family is taking us to the Rupert fair!  We get to see their 7 year old daughter present her goat for 4H.  We shall see...  Interesting things out here in the country.  We also got to watch the bailer out in the field in front of our house.  It eats the chopped up alfalfa and poops out tied up bails of hay.  Funny to watch.  :)
I straightened my hair today for the first time in 6 months.  It's past my mid back when it's straight!  Crazy!  Need to get some dead stuff chopped and evened out.  You can't tell when it's curly!  Lots of conditioner. 

Sister Nettles

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