Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17

I'M TRAINING!!!!!!  Staying in Rupert and training a brand new missionary.  I guess I'm going to be in the Twin Falls mission.  Sister King is going to Boise South and will finish in the original mission.  Crazy stuff!  I don't know who I'm training yet, it will be one of the 17 coming in on Wednesday that I still have not seen the pictures for...  Comes with being in the boonies.  So, apparently the Stakes goal for baptisms this year was 4...  We had five in three months...  Booyah!  And still going.  That's a sad goal for a stake.  A ward maybe but a whole stake?  Sad.  Going to be in Boise for 3 days waiting and going to meetings with the greenie.  Fun times!  Hope I don't scare her away the first day.  We shall see.  I'm not that scary looking am I?  Transfers are in an hour and a half.  Weee!!!  3 hours in a transfer van.  The conversations were interesting in there last time.  Last time the Elders were arguing about what type of guys girls like and if silk garments are too much like lingerie...  Weird...  I will try to survive. 
So... yeah!  We had 5 investigators at sacrament meeting on Sunday and are teaching 15.  Some are almost ready to be baptized and others have issues.  We went down from 24 lessons last week to 23 this week.  That's what happens when you need time to pack.  We had 10 member present lessons!  One less then our all time high last month of 11.  Nice eh?  I will be here for the "big" 4th of July celebration.  It's a week long fair, a parade of tractors, food booths, one concert and a pancake breakfast for the Scouts.  It takes place in the square, so a quarter mile by a quarter mile, or less.  :)  So cute.  There will be fireworks though on June 29th
Our front yard looks like an abstract painting I would entitle "cubes"  Lots of bales of hay placed in regular intervals on the giant field.  When you turn onto the street they look like cubes, but as you drive down the street they turn into rectangles.  Crazy perspective stuff.  Well, I love you lots!
Sista Nettles

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