Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29

I got the post card!  :)  Changing up the house while I'm gone eh?  It's not snowing today!!!  Actually good weather!  Still some wind but at least it's warmer.  

So this week Sister King was sick again.  :(  Fun times.   I have been sitting in a chair and read half of Genesis in one sitting while she sleeps. Also watched some church movies from the 80s. Had a baptism this past weekend.  She's 85 named Clover.  Her son was baptized 20 years ago and she finally came around.  For the past week she kept calling her son, "is it today yet?" beacuse she was so excited.  

So I had my first Bible Bash this past week.  :(  Some people are just confused.  It was on baptism for the dead and she said the Bible proves it's wrong.  The heck?!  She's in her 40's and kept rolling her eyes and bugging them out at us.  Strange duck sometimes.  Her daughter really wants to be baptized, but the mom says no: not until she is 18 and out of high school.  Sad day.  The daughter Angel Lee is depressed.  She loves going to church and her mom loves the changes it has made in her daughters life but does not agree with the church on some stuff (like baptisms for the dead)  so says NO.  But she'll still let her go to church and us to come teach.  Some confusion I sense.  

Been building a shed still.  I hammered 348 nails in a couple hours by hand.  (The nail gun lost pressure 3 weeks ago...)  I'm getting pretty good at it.  Found out what it's for.  It's for his coffin...  He's been building it and when it's done it goes in our shed so he can build a coffin for his wife.  :O  It's a crypt!!!  The dude's 87 and still hammering away.  Some strange people up here.  

Sister Nettles

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