Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 1

Easter was pretty good.  Ate almost the whole bunny!  Had easy-mac for
lunch and chicken tacos for dinner.  This transfer is the one I have
laughed the most in.  President Cannon was prophetic when he said it
would be "a sister's party every night!"  Well, it's a sister's party
day and night...  But we still get work done! Our trio is hilarious
and the Elders in our zone are awesome.  They have seen DBZA!  (ask
Emily for an explination)  The wards here are interesting.  They are
all really excited to have sister missionaries.  They have not had
them in a few years.  Some of the wards are great and others have not
been very nice to investigators or less actives.  They keep to their
clicks and shun others.  Going to be interesting to turn it around.
We have 2 investigators who want to be baptized and only have 1 lesson
left and 2 others we are starting to teach this week.

We are working with a less active family: the Hewitts (pronounced
Huyetts).  The dad and daughter are members but the wife and son are
not.  The ward kind of rode them out on a rail from church because of
gossip and rediculousness like that.  The dad came to church for Easter
though!  Going back to their house this week.

Blake got baptised on Saturday and his mom gave the closing prayer!
The penticostal, been on a church exorcism team, blunt lady.  She's an
interesting woman.  But she did it the way Sister Davenport explained
and her kids nearly fell out of their chairs.  There's hope yet.

Just went bowling! Missionaries get 2 free games.  Yay!  Going grocery
shopping next.  There is a Wallmart in Burley so we are not completely
isolated from civilization.  Whenever a missionary is sent to this
side of the mission it's called being banished.  Really feels like it
sometimes.  The closest Sister Missionaries are 40 miles away.  Our
wave of new missionaries is here.  28 this last week, 7 of them
sisters.  We are getting ready for the mission split so we now have
our own APs out here.  So weird.  And it's so far away to the mission
office now!  2 hours instead of 6 miles.  But we go to the Twin Falls
temple in 2 weeks so that will be cool.

Sister Nettles

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