Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8

Rupert is pretty good so far.  They are feeding us, we just don't get fed lunch which is where the easy mac came in.  Watched general conference at a members house.  We have 4 investigators who are getting baptized.  One of them we found 2 weeks ago.  The Sorenson kids are 13 (girl) and 9 (boy).  They are on the last lesson so we are trying to nail down a specific date where the family will be in town.  Reagan is 9 and the most talkative little girl you have ever met.  Hopefully will be baptized next Saturday. We are on the second half of lesson 4.  Clover is 85 and getting baptized April 27th.  Yay!  No one had a baptismal date when we came in.  So weird going from the best district numbers wise to the worst one in the mission.  We are fixing that though.  You should see the last zone vision we got.  (They are a piece of paper telling us what to focus on that month usually with some interesting pictures.)  It's all about illegal boarder crossing.  Have you heard of the shoes Brinco?  The have maps of the boarder, a compass and flashlight in them.  Craziness.  So we are supposed to be helping people "cross the boarder into the kingdom of God."  The members are our coyotes, etc...  I thought we wanted them to come in legally though baptism so they don't get deported.  Oh well...  

So our trio is down to two.  (Lion King!)  There were problems in Kuna so Sister Birdwell went to their rescue taking her GPS with her.  Down to a map now.  The Elders in our district are so nice though and let us follow them when driving to bowling, email and Wall-Mart.  Hallelujah.  It's interesting getting the dirt on the elders who used to serve here from the members.  Members keep inviting us to come watch movies at their house in sweats.  What?!?!  And the wards don't know if we want to do splits because the elders would cancel every week.  (Now we know what they were doing instead...)  Breaking tradition now so the area is seeing miracles in the work.  Lots of people ready and interested which is really cool.  

Sister Nettles

P.S.  It snowed today!  :O  Por que?!?!?!

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