Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 18

Well today is my first official full-day out of bed since Sunday a week ago.  I'm better now!  Mostly.  Apparently I have contracted the unholy and impure offspring of strep-throat and mono.  A lovely mutant that is appearing this year and only a few antibiotics actually work on it.  My awesome companion has been going out with other sisters from our ward while I sleep at home while the lady we live with watches tv.  I have literally slept for a week.  Today is the first day my brain seems to be functioning again.  It was crazy!  My imagination was all over the place and I could hear music everywhere, and I could just open or close my eyes to change the lighting on whatever the heck I was dreaming I was seeing.  12 dreams a night.  Pretty sweet.  Pixar ever run out of ideas again just give em that for a week and they'll be good for decades. And I can sleep through the night now!  I'm not waking up at 3am with a 103.5 fever or taking meds every 3 hours all though the night.  The highest my fever got was 104 and we called the doctor and were in in 10 minutes.  She put me on an iv and I got 2 L of fluids.  I had been drinking!!!!   Apparently not enough.  But I'm good now.  Anitbiotics are almost done.  The cough just won't leave me alone.  Been trying different perscriptions for my headaches, but with the other things going on it was just making it worse.  Trying again later. 

Depsite my lack of help we have a new investigator and are meeting with another brand new one this week.  So at least 2 new ones.  Now I need to meet them and not scare them away.  Blake passed his baptismal interview so he's a go on the 30th. 

Transfers are the 25th.  Crazyness is going to happen because 7 of us are going to start training new sisters then.  The 8th couldn't get her visa.  :(  And the 9th didn't get her call in the mail...  She was still waiting when our mission office called her to see if she got the call clarification packet.  Maybe next transfer. 

Well I love you all,
Sister Nettles

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