Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 25

I'm healthy again!  Except for a residual cough.  :)  Also got to go to a chiropractor a few times which helped the headaches.  So today I got transferred.  I am now in Rupert Idaho.  Even farther east than Twin Falls: cold and windy.  So if I'm still here after July 1st I would be in the Twin Falls mission.  Crazyness!  Super tiny potato farmer town.  Gone from 6 wards to covering 5.  I have two companions so I'm in a trio.  Sister King is from Georgia and Sister Birdwell is from Huston.  My second Texan companion both with no accent.  :O  This is also her last transfer before she goes home so I will be a murderer. 
The town is so weird.  Hardly any stop lights or stop signs and it's a grid system.  Cars are parked along to road so you can't see around them.  So scared I'm going to get t-boned that I stop anyway.  I'm the driver again!  Still in a Corolla. Feel like I stole Rachel's car.  Found a burger place and the library, but we don't know our home address so we will have to try and find out so we can get back.  It was a 2 hour drive out here.  The only sisters around are the twin falls sisters: Sister Christiansen (from Alberta) and eventually her trainee.  The elder's area we are taking over is hopefully not as messy as their car is...  Glove compartments can be a scary place... 
I mailed some stuff I got at Christmas home so hopefully you get it by next week.  :)  Love you all.
Sister Crazy Nettles
P.S. Tomorrow is my 6 month mark!  Crazy!!!

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