Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15

My area is awesome.  People keep giving us names of people to go see.  We have 7 investigators right now and a baptism April 27th.  Need to set up a few more.  Baptisms are hard to schedule when they have family out of town or have divorced parents.  Fun stuff.  I'm building a shed Thursday mornings!  The hammer is finally working right.  Or maybe the user is...  Nah, it's the hammer.  :)  So many people to see and appointments we keep having to split up and go with members.  Nice eh?  Still slightly lost but not as bad. We got maps photo copied out of a phone book.  Last Friday we went to the Twin Falls Temple.  Pretty cool, but so tiny!!!  There's not even a door or long hallway to separate the entrance from the baptismal font.  Just a short wide hall.  You could smell the chlorine as you walked in.  :)  There is also only a session every 2 hours.  Thank goodness we were not late.  Why so small!?  San Diego's better, but I'm biased.  

Sister King and I are having a great time.  We keep laughing, especially about the pitiful speed limits.  25 through both of the towns.  Terrible.  They are teaching me patience.  We may be companions again next transfer.  That would be fun.  We have exchanges this Thursday so I get a newbie for a companion for 24 hours.  Fun!  We have a lesson 1 that night too.  Hope we don't get too lost trying to find it.  It's snowing again today.  Will it ever stop?!?!  It's technically spring!  What the heck?!  Hope it changes soon.  We are either having snow or dust storms.  So much farm land they can't keep their dirt with the 50mph wind that is constantly here.  Love wearing shorts under my skirts.  Save my sanity.  Hope the weather over there gets better too.  Well, love you all lots.  Oh yeah!  We also get strawberries almost every night!  So good!!!

Sista Nettles

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