Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 21

I sit at the computer table in a family history center.  A lady is trying to get people off the computers so a new comer can have a spot.  Unsuccessful...  MWAHAHAHA  Thus is the Family History Center.  Now it's just the clicking of keys on multiple keyboards.  My thunder as the rest just quietly peck.  Poor slow bystanders.  The snow flakes flutter outside and melt on the cars.  I have just gone bowling again under the name Harley Quinn (given to me by the Elder known as Batman) and my companion was Poison Ivy (given by the Elder known as Aquaman).  Kid you not.  :)  Anyways...  They are awesome Elders and hilarious and nerdy.  Yay!  They get most of my references.  

We were sick this week with the flu but are better now.  We have a baptism this weekend, two more scheduled, one we are just trying to schedule between divorced parents and a couple more we will set this week.  Good stuff.  So... we went to the church library and I finally found a movie for Joseph in Egypt we could watch.  It's called Joseph and His Brothers.  (VHS)  So funny, I watched it by myself because we were sick and loved it so I made Sister King watch it again with me.  The young version of Joseph looks a little like Jacob from Twilight and the old Joseph is totally Michael Jackson (white version).  Hilarious!!!  If you can find it you should watch it.  It's part of the new media bible project from 1986.  :)  It's actually filmed in Egypt and the Holy Land with people speaking Egyptian Coptic, Hebrew and other stuff.  They just read the scriptures over top in English.  

Doing better now.  Hope you are all enjoying warmer weather.  Love you!!!

Sister Nettles

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