Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dec 2

It's going to blizzard this week!  No snow has stuck yet but it is going to storm this week.  :O  Por que?!

Life is good.  We actually had a sleep over for a few nights this week.  Sister Hansen and Orndoff got kicked out of where they live to make room for the relatives that came over for Thanksgiving.  We have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms anyway so it was fun.  :)  We actually slept!  :O  Thanksgiving went great.  Had a turkey dinner at one of the Bishop's house.  Their daughter is on a mission so they have a giant cardboard cut out of her that was standing next to the table the whole time.  Apparently they make one of every kid that leaves on a mission.  They call it "flat Lizzy."  Super funny.  We went to another house that gave us leftovers that I fried up for breakfast the next morning.  Even converted Sister Hansen:  She loved it!!!  :D  

Things are going pretty well.  Did an exchange last week and have two more this week.  Going to be fun!  *cough* and productive *cough*  We really do get a lot done.  Same old mission life.  The Sister Training Leaders now have to watch exercise DVDs that the sisters want to use and approve or disapprove of them.  Fun stuff.  We have a Christmas talent show coming up for the mission too.  I may be a participant in 3 of the items/ skits.  We shall see how this goes.  I didn't participate in any of them last year.  I have 2 transfers left!  This one is 5 weeks long so only 2 more weeks, then a 7 weeker and a 6 weeker and I'm done.  Insane!  I am 80% positive my departure date will be March 17th.  We shall see though.  Flying by!  >+-  <--that's an airplane if you couldn't tell.  

Had lots of meetings this week.  About 13 hours of meetings.  Great stuff.  At least I stayed awake for all of both meetings.  

Sister Nettles
My companion and I are taking the rule about sticking together seriously!

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