Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dec 9

It's Christmassy time!

An Idaho nativity...  'nuf said...
Made by the Stake President.

I did an exchange with Sister Eppel (my South African former companion) and found this nativity...  

Good times.  

These were at a church Christmas activity where we had to sing.  They wanted a missionary choir to perform for half an hour while people went around the cultural hall looking at the nativities from around the world.  It was an interesting performance.  We didn't sound like a dying cow!  :D  We sang Christmas songs of course!  Anyways...  We are moving this week!  They are giving our apartment to the new zone leaders next transfer and they want to move us out before the transfer insanity commences.  We are going to live with members!  And the wife has an English accent!!! They are an older couple and we are going to meet them tonight.  Wish us luck for a good first impression!  Going to be interesting going on exchanges three times this week, moving, and having interviews with President Curtis.  Also, we have a baptism this Saturday!  Patrick Sedgewick  (late 20s or maybe 30)  is getting baptized and I'm playing the piano.  Pray for me!!!  Opening song in 116 Come Follow Me and the closing in the Children's Hymn version of I Am a Child of God.  He picked them out.  Good stuff.  Get to practice during our lunch times.  PRAY FOR MEEEE!!!!!!  please.  :)  He said his next goal is to get sealed in the temple.  Awww..  So precious!  That is a golden family.  The wife has been less active most of her life and the kids are great.  They all come to church every week.  Love them so much!  

It's snowy over here!  Look!

I have been driving.  Really good surprisingly! Really slow and pumping the breaks because apparently our car does not have ABS breaks.  Silly.  Been working though!  Hope you are all having an awesome time with fireplaces.  :P  Don't worry, I still love you.

Sister Nettles

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  1. I love the Nativity from So Africa and certainly the one from Idaho is interesting. I collect Nativities and my brother was so excited because he found an
    American Indian Nativity for me! Even the Angel is an Indian! Baby Jesus is on a board, just like you see photos of Indian babies. :-) I'm sure that you did well on playing the piano. I happen to know your teacher and she is really good! Vista 3 no longer has Sister Missionaries. Bummer! I loved having them because I could have them for dinner. And did so about 3 times a month. I think I will write the Mission President and ask him to re evaluate that decision in about 6 months. :-) Your Mom gave me an Amaryllis Bulb for Christmas and it is amazing to watch it grow. Since she gave it to me last Wed, the 18th, it has grown 3 3/4 inches!

    When I opened the present the bulb had already sprouted and punched through the tissue paper wrapping! When Mother Nature says, "It's time to grow" it grows no matter where it is!
    Love you, Sister Willis