Monday, January 13, 2014

Dec 16

We had a baptism this week and are having another one this week!  Also, we have transfers.  I am staying and Sister Eppel is coming to be my companion so I can train her again.  This time to be a Sister Training Leader!  Yay!  Also, her trainee Sister Moore is going to be Sister Buckhoff's companion to also become a Sister Training leader.  And I'm a great-great-grandma!  :O  My trainee Sister Eppel's trainee, Sister Moore, who's trainee was Sister Davidson is opening and training my great-great-granddaughter.  Confusing!  

The house we live in is a mansion.  We have our own bedrooms and bathrooms.  The lady (Sister Beard) is from the Isle of Man and is a grandmother. We are having family prayers with them every night now. :)  The house is in the middle of no where and where the two canyons meet.  

We did exchanges three times this week.  So much fun but slightly stressful.  Love doing it with almost all of the Sisters.  Also, I may have gotten a speeding ticket...  The road is a four lane large road with with a nice divide between.  Looks kind of like the road we take to go to Legoland.  And the speed limit is 35.  :O  Insanity.  I thought I was going 40.  The cop said I was going 47.  I don't think I was but it still costs.  $90.  Depressing.  I have no idea how much is in my account.  So, I'm stuck.  I have to pay it by the 26th.  Merry Christmas.  What should I do?

On a happier note...  we have a mission talent show and they are going to show Dreamgiver!  We couldn't find Estefan online.  Sister Curtis went on youtube with me to look for it.  Weird going on there again.  I have two transfers left. My official departure date is March 20th.  FYI.  

I love you all!

Sister Nettles

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