Monday, January 13, 2014

Dec 23

So Patrick's baptism went well last weekend and I didn't mess up too bad on the piano.  He gets the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday.  :D  That family is doing great.  Had another baptism two days ago.  Nikki got baptized (she's 10).  So cute.  We are teaching a few other people but some of them are not wanting to be baptized yet.  Working on it.

The Mission Christmas Party went well.  Sister Eppel and I have presents at the foot of our bed waiting to be opening in two more mornings.  Just like in Harry Potter!  And we have been saying "Happy Christmas" to each other as well.  :)  At the talent show they showed Dreamgiver; and everybody loved it!  :O  Surprise, surprise.  :)  We get to skype on Wednesday!  I will be doing it at noon my time.  Hope that works.  I get an hour this time!  :O  I get to do it at the villa I'm living in now.  So pretty!  

The snow is mostly melted now, we had a bit of in Friday night, but not too much.  Hope all is going well.  Being with Sister Eppel again is so much fun.  We need to remember to work...  We get to do lots of exchanges this transfer so it's going to be awesome!  One more transfer left after this.  Insane!  Be safe a healthy.  Talk to you in two days!

Sister Nettles

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