Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27

I am officially old.  I got my pre-trunks this week: a paper where I had to declare if I am flying home or being picked up.  :(  Ancient.  

This week Sister Eppel and I spoke in Stake Conference.  We were even broadcast to another building.  Sister Beard, the less active lady we live with, came and watched us speak!  :D  Miracle.  President and Sister Curtis also spoke after us.  I asked if we brought shame to the mission and they said "no" so I think we did okay.  :)  Sister Beard spoke to President Curtis and said she was happy to have Sister Eppel and I there, and he said she may not have me as long as she thinks she might...  so I may be getting transferred my last transfer.  It feels like I might now.  We get the call on Sunday and are moved on Feb 5th.  We shall see.

We did a lot of planning yesterday and paper work.  I have been the walking area book so we started to actually write stuff down, seeing as I may be moving.  Been in this area since October 2nd.    Lots of catching up to do.  :)  

Love you all,
Sister Ancient

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