Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 21

I love you all!!!  

Chocolate/ candy fast is still going strong.  It ends Feb 1st.  DON'T EAT MY FLAKIES!!!!!  need them...  My hair just decided to behave it's self for the past couple months.  Mission Miracle!!!  I use Garnie Fructice Sleek and Shine conditioner and it works wonders.  Even if I can't spell it... I think I may be in Twin till the end but have a different companion.  :(  I love Sister Eppel.  The trio is still stickin.  Sister Eppel has officially been sick for a week this morning.  She taught 1 lesson last week.  Poor Sister Eppel.  We have been doing splits with other sister missionaries so we work in both areas while one watches Sister Eppel sleep. Killer on miles but worked out.  Hope it will be gone in the morning.  

Been doing a ton of exchanges.   SO, funny story.  We went to see Sister Davidson and Pili when they got back from the ER.  We don't have a GPS anymore, the people we borrowed it from needed it back.  (The car symbol was an X-Wing!  I was an X-Wing pilot!)  I had been to the member's house they were staying in once before so I thought I was at the right place.  It was me Sister Ramsey and Sister Gass.  We go up and knock on the door.  I assumed it was the right house they were sick on the couch so I didn't want them to have to get up.  So I just open the door and walk in.  There are two big dogs I didn't remember but I don't trust my memory in all things, so I just hold them back by the collar so they don't get out and this dude with tattoos and a beanie walks out of one of the rooms and asks what we were doing.  I declared that we were "here to attack the Sister's, are they downstairs?"  "There is no basement in this house."  "Oh..."  Turns out it was next door.  I was one house off...   We promptly left and found the right house.  Needless to say my companions were laughing their heads off when we got outside.  Sister Ramsey was laughing so hard she was drooling!  Good times...  So, yeah.  I have officially trespassed.  Oops.  I was surprised our tires weren't slashed when we left the sister's real house.  

Well, I love you!

Sister Nettles

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