Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13

Another week gone.  According to mission years I am 68.  Old and decrepit.  :)  So crazy week this week.  We are now a trio.  It is Sister Eppel and I and now also Sister Gass.  Good old emergency transfer.  There have now been 5 sister emergency transfers in the past week.  And Sister Eppel is throwing up sick this morning.  So life is excellent!  A lot of the sisters have been getting sick this transfer.  At least 4 had to go to the ER.  One was throwing up blood.  :O  They are all doing better now.  Sister Curtis even goes over and sits with them while they are sick and takes care of them.  Like an awesome mother that I used to know.  :D  They think it was crazy food poisoning.  Being a Sister Training Leader is intense. So many sisters are having problems with their companions.  It will be okay though.  I love them all, so I just hug them as they cry on exchanges and help them to problem solve so things will get better.   

Sister Gass has been out 9 weeks now.  Came from Burley.  From California.  20 years old.  The rest of this transfer is going to be interesting.  Her old companion is now training a Tongan sister that came into the field last week.  The MTC got confused.  It happens I guess.  :)  It must be run by humans or something.  

We got 5 new investigators this week!  Two are from Micronesia, and a man in our family ward just happened to serve his mission there and is fluent in Chuukese.  Miracles baby!  We are doing a lent type of thing on top of the fast we did to find new investigators this month.  I gave up candy and chocolate for the rest of the transfer.  I have been strong since we started on Tuesday.  It's working!!!  :O  Not even drinking hot chocolate...  It's for the GG, the Greater Good.  ;)  

Sister Nettles

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