Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nov 26

This week has been interesting.  Had a really good exchange on Wednesday and an okay one on Friday.  On Wednesday I rode a bike in a skirt!!!  =:O  And survived!  I bought a purple skirt at DI just for the bike riding occasions.  It's not too long or flowy to get caught in the chains or too tight that I can't get on the bike.  I also bought some super thick tights.  Love them!  Saved me from hypothermia from riding in the rain all day getting lost and just being missionaries.  The second exchange was with a sister who is brand new and is having some difficulties adjusting to missionary life.  She didn't know how to do personal studies.  I thought they taught that in the MTC.  ?  What are they teaching there now?  Got to teach her a few things so it worked out though.  Also got them some maps to help them find their investigators since they just opened that area.  Stole two out of four wards the Elders were covering in Filer.  

Saturday was weird.  We switched companions back to normal we working on figuring out transfers for President Curtis then were running out of time so we did quick studies and went to teach the Law of Chastity to one of our investigators who has to get married before she can be baptized on December 28th.  It was a terrible lesson.  She said that they were not married because they could not afford the license.  We said if you prayed about it and trusted in Heavenly Father it would work out and she could still be baptized.  She said if she has to wait a while to be baptized then that's fine with her.  :(  We talked to the Bishop and he said the ward could cover it if they bring it up with him.  But they haven't yet.  Then all 5 of our appointments including our backup dinner for the dinner that had already canceled canceled...  We felt rebuked for not studying  the full 2 hours so we made up for it.  Our correlation meetings were weird that day to.  

The next day was Sunday and we found a new investigator so it's okay again.  We also had a make up lesson for Patrick who had canceled on Saturday.  Turns out his house had been on fire and they were trying to clean it up and repair some damage.  :O  We accepted his excuse.  He had been heating up grease in a pan on the stove with a lid on.  He took the lid off and it caught the hood on fire and a cabinet.  The motor for the fan in the stove hood also caught fire.  They threw flour on in to smother it but it made it bigger!  CRAZY!!!  Then they resorted to the fire extinguisher.  But everything is fine now.  They actually had a picture of Jesus with 4 kids, the classic one, on the cabinet and everything was black except for Jesus in the picture.  Really cool.  Patrick was just saying how grateful he is that God protected his family.  Golden family.  He is getting baptized on December 14th.  Nikki and Shelby, the 10 and 12 year old girls are getting baptized the 21st.  Beau (and Maria hopefully) are getting baptized on the 28th.  Beau is in the College 2nd Ward and is super sweet.  Nice kid who thinks simply.  When asked how he felt going to church he said "It felt like I a did a good deed."  Awwww...  He reminds me of a puppy.  He knows nothing about Christ so we are taking things really slowly.  

Thanksgiving we are doing weekly planning, eating supper at one of the bishop's house.  The Hegstroms.  They are the one with a daughter on a mission right now.  Super nice.  Then we will go give a message a family in the ward's house who have non-member family in town for the festivities.  After that we will probably go home and make cards for all the new sisters in the mission that we are in charge of.  Some of them are struggling a little bit.  We are supposed to try and figure out who will be up to training 10 new sisters coming in a couple weeks.  Also, Sister Buckhoff and I will be splitting to train two new Sister Training Leaders so we have to figure out who our companion is supposed to be then submit it to President Curtis.  Crazy stuff.  

Love you Lots!
Sister Nettles

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