Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 18

Hello Yet Again!

Life is good.  A Sister Training Leader is between a Zone Leader and AP.  There are four of us now and between of us we have to exchange with every sister in the mission each transfer.  :D  And also deal with their problems, try to help out and love them!  <3  We are exchanging twice a week, Wednesday and Friday.  We are supposed to go up to 60 sisters in the mission December so Sister Buckhoff and I are going to split and each train more Sister Training Leaders and Sister Rex and Calero will do the same.  They are the Spanish Sister Training Leaders.  

We set three more baptismal dates this week so we have a total of 4 scheduled for next month.  Yay!  Patrick is still doing great.  We were going over lesson 3 and the Word of Wisdom.  He was already working on it, but when we brought it up he went to the freezer, got out the coffee and dumped them down the sink; rinsed out the can and sink and ran the disposle.  :O  Super cool moment.  His date is set for December 7th.  Shelby and Nikki are 12 and 10 and are set for December 21st, the day their grandfather who was Mormon died.  Maria is set for December 28th...  Fun times.  

We also got 2 new investigators this week.  Sam and Beau, both in the College 2nd Ward.  We taught Beau on Friday and he came to church!  Started officially teaching Sam on Saturday and he will be there this coming Sunday.  And they both came to the Region YSA Fireside last night!  There are tons of people prepared over here.  

I would love a stocking!  We have transfers the week before Christmas so my new companion then may need a stocking.  I have to pray and pick who it will be, then run it by President Curtis because we will both the STLs then.  The mission is running by and the work is exploding.  We have 13 referrals and we still need to contact some from the ones we got last week.  We contacted 6 and got 7 more on top of the ones left over from the week before that.  Not enough time to get to them all when they will be home!  :O  Good problems.  

It hailed a few days ago but no snow has stuck.  Thank goodness!  I will never have a bike for the rest of my mission!  BLESSINGS!!!!!  But I did buy some thermal tights for when I will be exchanging with the sisters that are on bikes.  We will be getting rides or walking when I'm there when the snow starts sticking.  I WILL NOT DIE!!!!!  :

 My new companion: Sister Buckhoff.  Lived in North Dakota till a teenager and then moved to Southern Georgia.  Been out 9 months.  She was the sister that came into the Boise mission after the long time of no sisters after Sister Huffman and I came out.

Writing on the table.  It wipes off like a white board!  We play games on it at night.  So much more satisfying the doing it on paper for some reason.  
Sister Nettles

P.S.  I won!

 Sister Conference!

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