Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 4

Nov 4
Hello from the Great White almost North!

It snowed yesterday and today!  :O  Hasn't stuck too much yet.  Things are going great.  

This week has been awesome.  On Monday we bought pumpkins and on Halloween night we carved them.  Mine has awesome teeth!  Unlike some people in Idaho.  So we had a sign that I've been here too long.  I no longer notice when the people we talk to have no teeth...  

Our Halloween Day consisted of Chick-fil-a for lunch.  :D  Punching holes in the lollipop wrappers and pass along cards and tying them together with ribbon, teaching a lady who is working on addiction recovery, (her cat's name is Aris, as in the goddess of discord :)  ), hanging out with the district after 6 carving pumpkins and drinking sparkling cider.  Good stuff.  

The lesson with Patrick went amazing.  He is getting baptized on December 7th!  They are doing family prayer every night now!  :D  They also came to church again this week!  We also got two investigators the Elders were teaching because they actually live in our area.  It's two girls who are 10 and 12 who are already going to church and trying to get their brother to realize why baptism is important.  Their Dad is less active member and is fine with them getting baptized.  Yay!  They are named Nikki, Shelby and the boy is Brock.  Going to be fun and.  We met them in their front yard for an hour.  Super smart and funny kids.  

Don't know if I already told you guys about my other Idaho experience yet...  So we go to teach a 87 year old widower who just got baptized in another area and I had to go to the bathroom.  I go in and there is a vanity against a wall in there.  Sitting on the vanity is a weaved basket full of real potatoes, sweet potatoes and yellow onions... with an air freshener ball in the middle.  :|  No comment...

We went to the temple this week!  Love it.  Miss going all the time.  

Love you all!
Sister Nettles

 Picking Out Pumpkins

 Sister Knuth's is the missionary appropriate one!

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