Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 11

Dearest Family Dear,

Soo...  It's transfers!  Guess what!  I'm a great-grandma!  Sister Eppel's trainee Sister Moore is training, and Sister Eppel is training again as well.  I'm soo old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have two daughters, three granddaughters and a great-granddaughter.  And I'm a Sister Training Leader.  =:O  <-- my eyebrows standing up.  I am staying in my super awesome area and Sister Buckhoff is coming to be my companion.  Sister Knuth after 6 weeks of training will be training and opening a new area on a bike.  bikes.....  I will now only ever have to ride one on exchanges.  Wahahaha...  

Things are going great.  Patrick is still going to be baptized and we are going to set baptismal dates with Nikki and Shelby on Tuesday.  They are 10 and 12.  Also, Maria and Levern want to be baptized.  :D  So on splits I got to go teach Levern with a member of the ward.  Levern suffers from multiple types of arthritis and is in a wheelchair.  She had to lie in bed as we taught her Lesson 1: The Restoration.  She said that as we were teaching she could feel the pain leaving her body.  Super cool.  She also asked if we could meet twice a week.  :O  Of course we said yes.  :)  Also working with a less active lady who wants to get to the temple to be sealed but we have to get her to church and her husband baptized first.  Baby steps.  

I't not too cold right now.  50s instead of the 29 on Sunday morning.  Bought more tights today.  Thermal ones.  Haven't worn them in a while.  This is either going to be a horrible winter or a mild one.  We shall see.  I love you all.

Old Fogie

Cooking Deer Meat.  We used A1 and Worcestershire Sauce!

 Good-Bye Sister Knuth!
Farewell lunch with a member family.

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