Monday, February 11, 2013

Feb 12

I feel slightly lame but I finally got to finish the Huyett's letter because it is p-day again.  I HAVE THINMINTS!!!!!!!!  Love it.  And Emily you are beautiful even if your hair isn't shinny.  Congratulations Spencer!!!  You still never told me what your actual project turned out to be...  But yay!!!  It is sunny and kind of warm today!!!!!  I keep petrifying as we walk to the car so I soak it all in.  warm...  (relativly speaking) 

Have another baptismal date set.  Breadon's brother Blake.  Exciting times.  I hope you are all doing well.  The wards over here are pretty great.  They have been helping us out lately.  Lots of meetings.  We are in church from 7:30am to 4pm.  Going to take a nap today. 

Ack, the lesson Sister Cannon sat in on was one our worse ones!  Been doing loads better.  Love the Cannons.  I am saving our Zone Vision handouts from Zone training.  Your are going to laugh.  My zone leaders were Elder Denton and Elder Ika, but Elder Ika has graduated so now it's Elder Denton and Elder Bailey.  They are crazy funny.  I'll just say the printouts had some photoshop done to them.  They even sent out Christmas cards with them photoshoped into weird situations and scriptures that perfectly describe the randomness.  Why are they so knowledgeable about the scriptures?  Any ways, I love you all.

Sister Nettles

P.S.  Pigsbrew is actually really good!

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