Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Feb 19

The work is going really good.  The only official investigator we have right now is Blake.  It's so enlightening to teach him.  He is 19 and his brother was our white Christmas.  During lesson 2: plan of salvation, he has THE epiphany: "So it's a good thing they ate the fruit." YES!!!!!  Miracle!  Now he's talking like a mormon using the words tesitmony, blessings, feeling the holy ghost, praying like a pro etc...  He's getting baptized on March 2nd.  Today we started to commandments: word of wisdom (which he was already keeping), sabbath day holy, and chastity.  He said it was his favorite lesson so far.  Who knew an investigator would be most excited about commandments!?  Just waiting for his dad to get back into town so we can baptize him and make it official.  He and his brother have been changing so much.  Blake keeps telling us about how Breadon has changed and is mostly helping others now.  They are a good family.  

The sun has finally been out and we weekly planned in the sun this past week.  50 degrees baby!  Even took my blanket off.  It's supposed to snow again this week.  We shall see...  It's just gray and rainy right now.  

New companion!  Her name is Sister Davenport from Tennessee.  I am still in Meridian South.  Sister Cline is off to Nampa again, this time as a Spanish speaking sister.  Her companion grew up in the Dominican Republic so she knows some good Spanish.  So Sister Cline has 2 official transfers left and Sister Martinez has 1.  So Sister Cline has 5 weeks to learn, then Sister Martinez goes home.  Then Sister Cline will get two Spanish sisters from the MTC (both just learning Spanish) and train them for a transfer.  She may extend a transfer so she can finish training them.  Then they may be on their own.  Crazy business unless they have some of us also transfer over to Spanish.  Also crazy.  

We now officially have 9 people to visit teach.  All less/ inactive and most of them part member families.  Just delivered cookies to all of them trying to set up return appointments.  So fun making them with members then going out to distribute.  I am pretty good with the frosting pipette.  :)  

Love you all,
Sister Nettles

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