Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb 25

So crazy mission news.  Our mission is splitting in 3 on July 1st.  It will take three people to do the job of President Cannon.  :)  Don't know where I will end up in the process.  So Boise will become the Boise, Nampa and Twin Falls Idaho mission.  Crazy! 
So this weekend is going to be baptisms galore.  At 11am will the Samoan family's kids baptism that Sister Hamilton and I taught for a bit.  The Elders have been working with them again since then.  Then that evening at 7pm is Blake's baptism.  Good times.  We are also picking up two new families to teach.  We have met with each of them once and are now scheduling to go back.  On is the Sherewoods (yay!  Robin Hood is real!)  and the Coopers (no relation I think?).  Both of them have member neighbors that have been working on them for a while.  So exciting to get new investigators.  Are we related to a Gary and Rachel Cooper?  That would be randomly cool.  I know we have Cooper cousins and Grandma Nettles was a Cooper. 
It was beautiful for a few days.  It got to 50 degrees one day!  Now it is snowing again today.  Dad I need shoe-goo!  One of boots has started to crack in half.  Wierdness.  It goes halfway across already.  I was wondering how the ball of my foot could be getting wet and not my toes or heel.  It would be most helpful. :) 
So the members here are awesome.  Sister Wiggins got us a Bountiful Basket.  Fresh bread with sunflower seeds on top, farmers market carrots, broccoli, lettuce, eggplant, leeks, potatoes, apples, oranges, bananas, pink grapefruit, pineapple (don't know where they got it from but it smells delicious), and blackberries (I think the Wiggins added that one too).  Fresh blackberries for breakfast and steamed broccoli, chicken/craisen/lettuce sandwiches on sunflower seed bread for lunch.  So good!!!  Doing a stir fry for lunch today with carrots, leeks, eggplant, brown rice, and whatever else finds it's way in.  Healthy much? 
The lady we live with is back!  First time she has been home since mid December.  Been all over the sunny side of life.  Came back with a sack of Trader Joes goodies.  AAHHHHH I miss that place.  I should make bananas foster today!  That sounds good.  The snow is coming down a lot now.  Supposedly it doesn't stick here but the roads were icy the whole month of January and it never got above freezing.  We shall see this time... 
Why are the people in the Bible so crazy?  Going from Acts to Judges is like going from the civilized world to crazy barbarian town.  What the heck was up with those people?  Anyways.  I love you all.  Enjoy your warm sun, blankets and beach. 
Sister Nettles

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