Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb 4

To The Most Wonderful Family in the World:
Life is now pretty awesome.  The vitamin D is really helping even though it is still super overcast.  I think the sun is different here than in California because it can't seem to get enough juice to burn off the clouds.  It needs some help. 
The conference was amazing.  I got to shake hands with all of the general authories there.  They passed hand sanitizer around the stand afterwards, kind of funny to watch.  Got a lot of personal revelation and for my area as well.  I took a few pages of notes.  That evening was a YSA fireside for Elder Christopherson and 2 of the other 70s that were there.  Sister Cline and I got to go because we cover a YSA ward.  Pretty nice.  Took some more notes there as well. 
There were some really cool insights given.  The sickle in section 4 of the Doctrine and Covenants is the Book of Mormon.  We need to use it and keep our skills with it sharp.  Also Elder Christopherson said that the strongest missionaries are sent to Utah and Idaho to strengthen the base and maintain the roots of the church.  Pretty cool eh?  He also said we all could have gone to any mission but since the Lord knows us personally he know which mission will be best for us.  There could be insights we need to learn from the members here, our mission president, or just the patterns of life.  There are of course also certain people we need to find and teach that need us in particular. 
I love the vocal point cd!  So good!  Been listening to it for 3 days in a row.  Alex Boye would be another awesome artist to have.  We can listen to anything that doesn't drive away the spirit.  No jazz, songs with romantic lyrics, a "heavy or primitive beat." It doesn't have to be Mormon Tabernacle Choir or classical.  There is a really good acoustic Jericho Road song on one of the cds we have that I love.  There are a lot of EFY soundtracks that missionaries listen to.  Who knew some of them would actually be good?
I got a letter from the Huyetts!  Made me happy.  Writting a reply today.  Hope you don't have too much fun Mother Dearest.  It might be bad for you.  :)  I love you all.
Sister Nettles
P.S. I need another Thing 1 shirt...

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