Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 14

I love you all!

So,  This week we had a Sisters Conference.  It was wonderful.  They even asked me as the "Senior Sister" to give advise for about 7 minutes.  Good times.  It actually went well.  The Sister Training leaders talked, then me, then the APs and then President and Sister Curtis.  We also got a washing machine and dryer in our apartment!!!!!  Hallelujah!  The girl who was going to get baptized this Saturday pulled out.  She went home to break the news to her anti mother in Rupert, called us and said she doesn't want to get baptized or meet with us or the Bishop.  But she will possibly continue going to church and institute.  She knows it's true so I feel it will happen eventually.  Just the wrong timing.  

So excited for Halloween!!!  We have to be in by 6 and work on "companionship unity."  Sparkling cider baby!  And we are going to carve pumpkins in our apartment.  Already have this planed out.  We also bought the caramel apple lollipops and ribbon so we are going to tie pass along cards to the sticks and give them out to trick-or-treaters.  :D  Can you tell I'm excited?  My camera works again!  The charging cord finally works!  The outlets might be different here.  I can take pictures again!  Going to mail my memory card once Sister Knuth sees the pictures.  

Sister Nettles

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