Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oct 2

Got my new companion/trainee: Sister Knuth from Las Vegas!  We are opening a new area in Twin Falls.  Twin Falls West 5.  We live in an apartment that is supposed to be the nicest sister's apartment in the mission.  We shall see when we get there.  :)  New phone for the new area but it does not work.  Have to come back to the mission office in the morning to figure it out.  New area book.  Only 2 ward!  A college singles ward and a normal family ward.  Fun stuff.  They are going to be giving our area to zone leaders in 2 transfers so we have to create it and build it up so they can take over.  :O  They must have a lot of confidence in me.  

Get to go buy groceries today to.  Funny story...  So when they called me up during the meeting to tell me where I was going and who my companion was going to be they said it was a bike area!  AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  Then after the meeting they asked if we wanted a car.  :)  Obviously we said yes.  Hope all is going well.

Sister Nettles

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