Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28


This week has been pretty awesome.  Our wards are on top of everything.  We found 4 new investigators this week, and 2 the week before, and one of them came to church with his whole family and the ward almost mobbed them with welcomes after sacrament.  They said they felt loved though so it's all good.   Our primary president, relief society president, ward mission leader, and bishop are all on top of making sure they have what they need, know where to go, introduce the kids in primary, and put together a gospel principles class for them.  Answer to prayers.  :)  

The first investigator is a lady who's boyfriend is a member.  The second and third are mother and son.  Tina and Steven.  Her boyfriend is a member but hasn't gone in years.  They are going to pray together every night as a family before they go to bed.  The next one is the guy Patrick who came to church with his less active wife and three kids.  So on Tuesday we had exchanges so I was not there, but Sister Knuth and Sister Hansen went to their door and the wife answered.  She said her and her husband were different religions and not interested.  The next night we get a call from the bishop who said that the husband of that family called and asked what he needed to do to be baptized.  :O  So we hang up and go over over there!  Turns out he does want to learn and we set up an appointment for Saturday.  We go that Saturday (2 days ago) and teach about Christ and prayer.  The only picture of Christ they have in the house is a pass along card stuck in the corner of another picture frame, but the wife had kept it for years.  :)  The husband Patrick said he does not know much about anything but he does believe in a higher power.  We went to the car and got our picture book and went though the life of Christ with them and their 4 and 5 year old.  Every picture the kids would yell out "That's Jesus!"  and get super excited siting right up close to the pictures.  So cute!  At the end we all kneeled and the wife and husband both said a prayer.  Their first family prayer together.  :)  It was a really cool experience.  

We also had a member of the 70 come through our mission conference this week.  Elder Cardon and Elder Allen.  Had a lot of good insight.  One suggestion was to contact all the people who will be giving talks in sacrament meeting a few weeks before and work with them in inviting a friend to come see them talk in sacrament meeting.  Really cool!  So we are going to start doing that.  If you guys ever give a talk you should try it too!  Just invite them as a friend to come see a non-paid crazy person, I mean someone in our family, speak.  :O  Nice idea eh?  

Emily I love you!!!!  Hope you are doing better soon.  I'll pray for you!  And for Rachel, and Mom and Dad, and maybe Spencer too.  :P  Jk.  I LOVE YOU SPENCER!!!!!  My companion is awesome.  We get along really well and are seeing miracles happen in our area.  We hope we stay together her next transfer because we already have splits with the relief society and dinners all worked out for next month.  I think we will.  Transfers are in two weeks so we shall see.  :/  Well, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Sister Nettles

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