Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oct 6


So things are going awesome.  I can feel the spirit so strong since I got to our new area it's unreal.  Didn't think my testimony could get any bigger then WHAM!!!  I think we will be here for 2 transfers before the Elders take back over.  I think the relief society presidents will be bummed because they LOVE having sister missionaries.  We watched General Conference at different members houses.  They seem to love us.  We are the only sister missionaries in the stake.  :)  The Elders were actually pretty good here before we took over so that's a miracle and they also left us an investigator with a baptismal date for Oct 19th.  She is awesome.  Her name is Megan and is going to school here at CSI:  College of Southern Idaho.  He has already had a confirmation that the Book of Mormon is true so she's ready to go.  Also met some other people that said if it was Elders that had showed up they would have run them off the place but they would talk to us.  :)  

My new companion is amazing!  She just dives right into the lessons and is not afraid to talk or share her testimony.  She also likes the 12 Week training so that's a bonus.  Working hard and making progress.  This area is going to be hoppin'.  Our new apartment is is pretty nice.  We pretty much live in the bedroom though so we don't have to heat the whole thing.  Each room has it's own thermostat.  Trying to keep the bill down.  So funny story: we go grocery shopping and by microwaveable food so we can eat fast and take a nap for the rest of our lunch break.  We were on our own for dinner that first night so we decide to eat some.  Take the lid off, but the water in, stir it, go to put it in the microwave and realize:  THERE'S NO MICROWAVE!!!!!  So we cook it on the stove in our one pot.  Tuned out good!  Next day at the mission office they happened to have an extra microwave so we got it.  Saved!  :)  Anyways.  I love you all!  All the family history info I have found I have entered into Family Tree on Family Search.  Relationships and attached sources so you can see where I got the info from.  

Sister Nettles

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