Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sept 30

Hello, or in the words of my companion:  Hey Ya'll!
So we got transfer calls last night.  I will be leaving and training but I don't know where to until Wednesday, the day of transfers.  I will also get my new companion then.  :) 
We had a baptism on Saturday:  Sarah Gonzales.  Her 11 year old son also wants to get baptized now.  He's been going to church finally too!  A few others have been close to being baptized but just won't commit.  Lots of work going on.  Our wards are initiating the new plan where every Perspective Elder, Part Member Family and Over Age Youth is to be contacted by October 14th.  We have some work to do.  About 100 names per ward.  The wards have to report weekly on what progress has been made.  It's lighting a fire under them.  :)  Feeling kind of toasty... 
Going to pack Tuesday morning and find out where to Wednesday morning.  Yay!  It's fun not knowing where or with who yet. It's cold out here.  It went from 50s to 90s skipping spring this year and now it's skipped from the 100s to the 40s/50s skipping fall.  Living Monty Python over here.  :O  Pulling out my wintery stuff already just in time to pack it back up.  Hope you all are doing well.
Sister Nettles

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