Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sept 23

Dearest Family,
I am doing pretty good.  Almost over this cold I have had for over a week now.  I have used every tissue I own and even bought psudefed.  We have a baptism this Saturday so that should be good.  :D  We now officially have 16 investigators we are teaching.  A lot more than the 4 we had when I got here.  Despite the number of people we are now teaching it is hard to get them to church.  Especially when we can't just drive them there ourselves.  Oh well.  We have been finding a lot of them by having our ward mission leader go through the ward directory and point out who he doesn't know.  Then we go visit them!  Usually they are part member families and now we are teaching the rest of the family for some of them.  Also, we knocked on a door next to one of the question marks that was not home and she was interested and referred us to her sister and their family who are also now being taught but by the Spanish sisters since they only know spanish.  Luckily the member that was with us went to Spain on her mission and knew fluent Spanish.  Saved!!!  I do know a little more Spanish now, but still enough to make you guys laugh at me.  There are 6 sets of English sisters in the mission and 5 sets of Spanish right now.  It's a mini-Mexico out here!  Almost every restaurant in the area in Mexican.  There are only two that are not that we have found so far. 
Playing indoor Volleyball today followed by ultimate frisbee.  Good news!  I have officially lost 10 pounds!  Getting closer to the wieght I came out at...  Just in time for more Christmas goodies!  ...  So much food coming I can feel it. 
Transfers are on October 2nd and in 3 days I will have been out a year.  :O  We find out that day where we are going and who our companions will be. 
Sister Nettles

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