Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dec 10

*hand heart*

My Dearest Family:

I love thee all.  Even the slightly annoying limey-girl.  SPAZZ ATTACK!!!  <-- That's what she just had as she read the beautiful comment!  Things are going well.  I need help!  I am going to have to learn a little Samoan.  There is a part member family we are teaching from there.  My companion knows it so she is going to have to help me out.  They want me to say the closing prayer tonight in Samoan so we shall see how it goes.  They speak English but the parents seem to prefer Samoan.  Only the dad is baptized and has gone less active.  The mom and 3 kids go to the Assembly of God.

Working more with the ward members now which is a great blessing.  Taught the Priests at a mutual night, and families have signed up for us to teach them like we teach investigators.  We have done it once so far and it was amazing.  It was 2 empty-nesters.  The husband had gone on a mission so we had them pretend to be a couple that he had taught but never converted.  (That's called Role Playing mom!)  After the lesson they gave us a referral without us even having to ask for one. 

So wierd, most of the new "investigators" we find are inactives who have not been to church in 20-40 years and have moved so we don't have their records.  Also, over half the people we try to contact are not home!  Frustrating.  Besides that things are going well. 

The non-member husband who wants a calling made us Japanese food!  Katsu, sticky rice, carrots, broccoli, and salad with a ginger dressing.  So good!!!  He lived there for 3 years. 

Guess what? My camera came with every cord except one that connects to the computer tower.  All the SD reader slots I have tried do not work.  Still trying to send you pictures...  I really am!  I even have some of the snowman we made on lunch break during our exchange.  It was the first day that snow stuck.  We woke up to white and it was Sister Tonuu's first real snow of her life.  (She is directly from Samoa.)  Fun stuff. 

I hope you enjoy having Rachel back so soon!  Good luck with food again...  I believe in your skills mother of mine!  Did you get my letters? 

Oh!  Also, we showed Johny Lingo to an inactive lady who really enjoyed it.  So fun!  I still had the intro music memorized for when the kid says "Johny Lingo" then starts running through the jungle to tell the village. 

Love you all,
Sister Nettles

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