Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dec 31

Your pillow sounds amazing mother dear.  Slightly jealous.  I only had lined paper to make the snow flakes on.  Sorry.  I guess I shouldn't tell Spence what I did on Christmas Eve with 4 of us Sisters and 7 Elders.  Nerf Wars!!!  In the church hallways you set up tables and chalkboards as barricades and have PVC pipes as blow guns for the new bullets.  The teams take their positions with the winning team in the middle, most vulnerable position, the other teams around the hallways and one back where the buzzer for sunday school is.  They hit the buzzer to start the round and the battle commences.  You only have 5 darts and sneak attack as much as possible.  When you die you go to the gym to await the end of the battle.  So much fun!  I got a head shot in, sniped some others and had a 1 on 1 stand off during the few hours we played.  The Sisters won 3 times out of about 9 rounds.  So fun!  You can blow more than one dart at a time for a scatter shot but then you run out of ammo really fast and it's dangerous to leave cover to reclaim darts from your fallen prey.  Can you tell it's really fun? 
I have met quite a few Doctor Who fans up here.  So much fun!  There was also a Matt Smith doctor at the trunk-or-treat this Halloween.  Nice to see the joy of time and space spreading to more humans.  Keep up the parties Emily.  Proud of you. 
We get to do visiting teaching now!  And family history to take names to the temple with our recent converts.  We visit teach less actives and part member families.  We have 5 so far in one ward.  So annoying!  No one is home or has tons of family over and won't let us in.  We drive everywhere with nothing to show for it.  Oh well.  We are trying. 
About the weather, it is snowing!  And guess what? They don't have snow plows in this part of Idaho!!!  Crazy people or what?!?!?!  Someone already took out our street sign.  There were tire tracks about 2 feet up the pole and it was flat to the ground.  There have already been 8 accidents in a few hours on the freeway this last Sunday.  :O  Sister Hamilton has lived in Salt Lake though and is an excellent driver especially in the snow.  Hallelujah!  We drive super slow which annoys people but at least we get places in one piece.

 Love you all and hope you survive the end of the year. 
Sister Laura Nettles

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